Reinout Kramer

Low-code Junior

  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Reinout KRAMER

A little bit about me:

I’m a low-code junior/autodidact looking for a professional challenge in software development, working in a team of passionate people.

I excel in communication and product ownership and I have hands-on experience with the Mendix low-code platform.

I come with a no-nonsense attitude, a great drive to learn, and a desire to add value to the team and the result of a product or project.

I ♥️ books, trips, music, and cooking.

What I can do:

Build Beautiful Microflows

What I love to do most. I don’t stop went it’s working either. I optimize for readability, maintainability and reusability.

Design Domain Models

Been through the ropes, dealing with modularity, inheritance, join tables, etc. Learned to design with future change in mind.

Maintain Backlogs

Love structuring workstacks, prioritizing, determining key deliverables, investigating dependencies between tasks

Write Specifications

Go-to-person for writing. Finding the balance between being unambiguous and being easy to grasp. Love to visualize, too.

Analyze Processes

Identifying bottlenecks, ask probing questions, getting people on the same page. There’s always room for improvement.

Think Critically

There’s a devil’s advocate in me. I believe ideas get better if they are subjected to scrutiny, and feedback should be welcomed.

Pitch ideas

Once I’ve finally given up trying to poke holes in something, I believe in it. And when I believe in something, I can convey it.

Some kind words:

“Reinout is analytisch sterk; hij stelt de juiste vragen om bedrijfsprocessen te doorgronden en hoofd- van bijzaken te onderscheiden. Daarnaast heeft hij een goed gevoel voor esthetiek én humor.”

Connie Witte

“(Reinout)… heeft in een zeer korte tijd onze tone of voice en communicatiestrategie eigen gemaakt en vervolgens aangescherpt. Daarnaast heeft hij een belangrijke rol gespeeld in de verbeterslag die wij uitgevoerd hebben in onze marketingmiddelen en -kanalen.”

Inge van Baalen

“Reinout Kramer is a enthousiastic hard-working person with great personal skills. Reinout works with passion and he is very precise in his job – projects. I would recommend Reinout for any large multinational.”

Marco Maruccia

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