What you see here is a picture of me from 2011. I’m standing near Lake Tuz at dawn. That’s in Turkey, where I was studying Advertising Design & Communication at the time.

I remember standing there thinking about my future. I had just found out that, like most people, I didn’t really like advertising. I thought that most of it was so, well, meaningless.

Two years later, I was working for an online lead generation company. They helped their clients to get in contact with prospective customers through the internet. There, I learned how to optimize websites for maximum conversion.


Finding my focus


At that point, I already knew that I wanted to help businesses to sell their added value on the internet. But I needed to specialize in something…

Something that requires talent and passion, in addition to skill and experience.

Something that will always be in demand, and that could never be automated.

One day, as I was working on some landing pages, it hit me:


Hell, I could be a professional wordsmith.


But how?


I discovered that many businesses have SO much valuable information and SO many interesting stories to share.

But I also noticed that many businesses didn’t really have the time, the know-how or the resources to fulfill the information needs of prospective customers on the internet.

Then I thought: that’s how I can help.

I could help to build brands on the internet. On the other hand, I could serve readers with powerful, relevant messages and stories that are worth sharing.

Because in my vision, brands should provide value before they can expect anything in return. There’s no tricks, no shortcuts.

Now that’s hard work. Also, it’s difficult for an insider to see things from the perspective of an outsider. I saw an opportunity for myself, to help brands to distinguish themselves with content that is creative, educative and spicy.



An idea was born


From that moment, I decided to focus on content marketing.

I took some time to study. Learned how to trigger an emotional response.

And I practised. I started to write a little bit every single day.

I decided to learn how to build awesome websites, and I created Rynout.com as a trial project. I thought it would be fun, and that it might help me to find a professional role as a writer.

Turns out I was right.

Now, I work as a copywriter for an international company that makes awesome products and sells them all over the world. I’m responsible for the power of the messages they publish.

Trust me when I say that lots of good stuff leaves my desk on a regular basis! 😉