My path to Content Marketing


What you see here is a picture of me from 2011. I’m standing near Lake Tuz at dawn. That’s in Turkey, where I was studying Advertising Design & Communication at the time.

I remember standing there thinking about my future. I had just found out that, like most people, I didn’t really like advertising. I thought that most of it was so, well, meaningless.

Two years later, I was working for an online lead generation company. They helped their clients to get in contact with prospective customers through the internet. There, I learned how to optimize websites for maximum conversion.


Finding my focus


At that point, I already knew that I wanted to help businesses to sell their added value on the internet. But I needed to specialize in something…


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The name is Reinout Kramer


Rynout is easier.

I can help you get more visitors to your website, or more exposure on social media. But what I do best, is make the visitors of your website love your brand.

Driven by smart communication goals that I’d love to help you define, I can create powerful messages that make readers change their views or take action

I majored in communication, and have over two and a half years of work experience in online marketing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the go-to guy when it comes to writing letters, resumes, speeches, information guides, brochures and web texts.

I’m also a bit of a perfectionist. Leave it to me to obsess over a piece of text until early in the morning.

So if you have an awesome product, service, or idea to sell: I’d love to contribute. I can help you to get your story out of your head, and get it down on paper. Result: a powerful online message, that is supported by a solid strategy and an awesome design.

Talk soon?

– Rynout

Reinout Kramer

Reinout Kramer

Online Communication

Things I like: going on trips, reading books that make me smarter, inspired music and food made with ♥.



Bachelor of Communication

INHolland University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam

International Communication Management (Major)

Graduated April 2014

Unweighted Average: 7,4

September 2011 – January 2012


Yeditepe University, Istanbul

Advertising Design and Communication (Minor)

Erasmus Programme

GPA: 3.67

What can Reinout Kramer do?


Research audience needs

Build websites

Create effective e-mail campaigns

Initiate new content

Define a content strategy

Increase conversion rates


Investigate interesting topics


Optimize websites for Google

Promote content on social media


Get visitors to take action


Engage a network

Work Experience

XSPlatforms, Gorinchem

August 2015 – now




I work as a Content Writer for XSPlatforms, an international company that designs, manufactures and sells safety solutions for work at height. I’m responsible for the words and the strategy of every written message that is published.


  • Setting out the content marketing strategy.
  • Defining the content workflow and approval process.
  • Developing a lead generation strategy.


  • Creating and managing multi-lingual e-mail campaigns.
  • Collecting and researching input for content both inside and outside the organization.
  • Structuring and writing content for commercial and technical publications.
  • Creating, managing and editing content for different websites.
  • Writing blog posts, news items, press releases.


  • Managing the content calendar.
  • Posting and promoting content through social media.
  • Directing remote copywriters.

TriGlobal, Sliedrecht

June 2013 – March 2015



Triglobal generates online sales leads for hundreds of international moving companies worldwide, through a portfolio of more than 30 websites. It offers expats the opportunity to compare different quotes from international moving companies.


  • Establishing protocols to match prospects with partners.
  • Structuring the process of lead qualification.
  • Forming a market development strategy.
  • Co-developing lead generation strategies.


  • Scripting partner training videos.
  • Developing marketing and promotional material.
  • E-mail campaigns for upsells or new business.
  • Writing content for landing pages.


  • Cold and warm international sales calls.
  • Editing partner training programs.
  • Restructuring Adwords accounts for insight into performance.

RDP Creative, London

September 2012 – January 2013



RDP Creative supplies promotional premiums to movie distributors worldwide. I worked there as an intern, supporting the account manager responsible for the promotions of all Warner Bros. releases.


  • Taking part in creative sessions.


  • Writing mailings to clients showcasing the promotions.
  • Order collecting / processing, drafting invoices.
  • Reporting revenue to account management.
  • Reporting costs and production progress to clients.
  • Managing order distribution.



Building awesome websites (WordPress)

I’m not a webdesigner. I don’t know how to code.

Yet, I built this website without any help. It’s all just a matter of finding the right tools.

Feel free to challenge me: if you can draw what you think your website should look like, I’ll build it.

But in my vision, the design should fit the content, NOT vice versa.

The core of a website is its messageAnd believe it or not, that’s actually the hardest part.

So if you want a website that’s more than just a fancy-looking business card, get a writer involved.


Building Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Anyone who writes content to publish on the internet should have at least a basic understanding of SEO.

My knowledge extends beyond the optimization of content. After all, that’s just one part of the job.

I can help with an SEO strategy, keyword research, analytics, promoting content and more.

The field of SEO is constantly changing, but quality content will always be the most important aspect.

There are tricks to make Google understand your website, but there’s no replacement for quality content.

As a writer with a background in internet marketing, I always keep my knowledge about SEO up to date.


Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Getting more visitors to your website is one step. Getting the people on your website to act, is the next.

Often, CRO is overlooked or oversimplified. That’s a shame, because there is much to gain here.

Optimizing the conversion rate of your website takes more than just A/B testing the call-to-action.

It’s about the needs of the audience. There’s research and a even a little bit of psychology involved.

The simplest tweaks can make a big difference here, but the real job is to find out which knobs to twist.

Conversion optimization therefore requires an understanding of the audience. Perfect job for a writer.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media brings many great ways for businesses to interact with their target group.

It lets you target interesting prospects in a very cost-effective way, based on demographics or interests.

In this way, it’s a great tool to reach the right audience and to raise brand awareness.

But it’s not more than a chance to promote yourself. It’s an opportunity to engage in conversations.

A company page is just the first step. The real job is to identify, monitor and engage interesting networks.

Having a writer to represent you on social media is THE way to address your audience and create followers.




Social Media Management